Selecting the Right Attorney For Your Situation

With so many attorneys listed online and in the yellow pages, it can make the average person with no legal background feel overwhelmed and frazzled. Listed below is a small list of the more common types of practice for attorneys.


Personal Injury

It happens every day to some unfortunate person. You’re driving down the road running your daily errands when all of a sudden a car hits you from behind. You did nothing wrong, however, now your vehicle is damaged, and you feel pain. Instead of dealing with the at-fault parties insurance company, who will try to settle the claim for the least amount possible, many people hire a personal injury attorney. For instance, if you live in Manhattan, you would look for a “personal injury lawyer, Manhattan NY” when you begin your search to make sure that the medical expenses get paid, they repair the car and that you receive monetary compensation for things like lost wages and pain and suffering.


Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is not something easy. And, it can get even worse when one party is unwilling to accept a divorce or comply with the courts’ final decisions. That’s where a divorce lawyer comes in handy. No two divorce cases are exactly alike. A highly qualified attorney will initially ask you about the reason(s) for the divorce and then listen to your side of the story. They will also ask what you want to get out of the divorce with regards to the children, pets, and assets. From there they file with the court the documents and speak with the other party’s attorney.


A Criminal Attorney

A criminal attorney can handle many types of crimes including assault, driving while intoxicated and theft. They will meet with you and get a copy of all of the written documents against you and then ask you to explain in detail your side of the story. In essence, their job is to collect the information about your case and prove that you are innocent of the charges. In many cases, if you have a good criminal lawyer, even if they don’t win the case completely they have many of the charges dismissed so that you receive a lesser fine and avoid jail time.


Tax Attorney

While the odds of receiving an audit by the IRS for the average person are slim, it can still happen. And, if it happens, it’s best to let a qualified individual with years of experience in dealing with the IRS handle the matter for you. Tax evasion can carry with it a stiff penalty and the possibility of jail time. And, if you choose to ignore the certified letters, the IRS has the power to freeze all of your assets. This can include your checking and saving account, your home, your car and they can even garnish your wages. Having a tax attorney on board shows the IRS that you are willing to work with them and gives you the best chance for a settlement.


Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you sustain an injury while working on the job, your employer may try to dismiss your claim and hold you accountable for the sustained damage. Not only that but because of the injury you may now lose wages for a few weeks and risk losing your job. Having a Workers Compensation Attorney at your side will allow you to explain the incident in detail and give you someone on your team that knows the law. Having an attorney will also ensure that you collect unpaid wages, monies to cover your medical expenses and protect you from a wrongful firing.

There are many types of attorney, with each one specialising in a different area of interest. If you need an attorney, there are several ways to make sure they are reputable. First, check with family members, friends, and co-workers. Then contact the Barr to see their records of successful cases.

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