Home Modifications to Improve Mobility For The Aged And Injured

Seniors who want to have their independence at an old age, or anyone who has a disability, injury, mobility issue or illness, need their home to be a safe place that has the appropriate accommodations. They need solutions that will help them modify some of their home appliances and their ability to attend events. For this to take place, an assessment will have to be done so that the appropriate modifications are picked depending on the needs and the budget of the family.

Modifications can happen on various levels. You can modify your railings, stairlifts, ramps, grab bars in the bathroom, and automatic doors of your home. These modifications will help the patient to improve their quality of life.  Let’s expand on these types of modifications.


Ramp installation

If someone in your family uses a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair, it can be tough accessing some parts of the house. Navigating the staircase to and from the house can be tough. To make it easier, you will have to install a ramp that will make mobility easier around the areas of the house and in the house. You can go for ramps that are made from different materials (aluminum, wood, etc.)

One of the best ramp installation materials is the pressure-treated lumber that will last for a long time. These ramps are usually built to the specs of the home. The ramps are painted and custom made for the loved one. You can also get portable ramps that vary in length; these devices can be folded and placed in the car to be used in slippery surfaces or any other place where they are needed.


Lower closet bars

If your loved one has a motorized wheelchair, it can be a problem to access high closet spaces. You can go for a dowel cut to lower the closet bars and then purchase plastic closet rod supporters, which are not expensive. You can also go for closet extension bars. If you want to make things in the bathroom more comfortable, then go for towel bars and towel hooks.


Stairlift installation

You can get an indoor or an outdoor stairlift that helps in curved or straight staircases. When you go to a specialist, you will be assisted to choose the right stairlift that suits the needs of your home space.

A stairlift is a system that has a chair on one end, and it is fitted on a track to move up and down the stairs. The motor on the stairlift makes the stairlift move along the tracks. Depending on the model you go for, a small toggle that is positioned on the stairlift arm of the chair will control your lift up and down. The stairlifts are easy to install, but it also depends on the configuration of your home.


Railing installation

There are different kinds of railing installations that you can go for. Indoor wooden railings and outdoor aluminum railings. For indoor wooden railings, you can go for poplar or oak which can be customized to fit your preferences. For the outdoor aluminum railings, you can go for various customizations which will suit your home.


Bathroom installation

Bathroom customizations at home can help to provide accessibility for the aged and to increase the safe use of the bathroom. You can place grab bars on the walls of the bathroom next to the toilet, and another one close or in the shower or the bathtub. When it comes to bathroom modifications, you can get a walk in tub, tub cutting, partial bathrooms, and full bathrooms.


Lighting improvements

It is essential to check if visibility is an issue that needs to be improved. You can install lighting under the cabinet in kitchens, install lights that have motion sensors at the main exits, nightlights for bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. You can also add stick-on lights or light tape on the staircase, along the pathways, and in areas that need light at night.


Install a hand-held shower head

Bathing can be made easier in the shower tub when you add a handheld shower head. The shower head can be used with a shower chair for the loved one to take a bath as they sit down. This can be helpful for someone who finds it uncomfortable to stand for a longer period.

As you can see, there are many things one can do to improve the safety of their home for the aged. Consider what you can do to make your home elderly-friendly when the time comes.

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