Alternatives To Stairs Climbing When You Are Building A Home

Building a home can be quite the task as there is a lot that you need to think about that concern both the present and the future. This is especially true if you plan on living in your home for years to come. When you are designing a home, you might have to search quite a bit in order to find the perfect plan so that your home lasts you for a lifetime. As you are thinking ahead you probably realise that having a lot of stairs may not be a great idea as you get older. If your heart is set on a certain plan and it includes a lot of stairs, you do have a few options.

A Stair Lift

Surprisingly, stair lifts can be found in quite a few homes. They are a great option for those that have limited mobility, but need to be able to easily go from one floor of their home to another. There are different kinds of stair lifts available so you should easily be able to find one that meets your needs. If you are looking to plan ahead for when you will no longer be able to easily use stairs, stair lifts may be the best option for you.

An Elevator

Elevators can be a great alternative to stairs. It may be cheaper than you might expect if the elevator is installed during construction of the home and not as part of a remodel to an existing structure. It will take some time to install an elevator, so you really need to plan ahead. Don’t wait until you are having mobility issues to have an elevator installed. It’s a good idea to have this done well before you are in need of it. While elevators can be a good alternative to stairs, they often aren’t a practical option because they can be very costly and there are other, cheaper alternatives available.

A Ramp

If your home won’t have that many stairs, then a ramp may be a good option. For those that are wheelchair bound, a ramp can still allow them to have their independence and get to where they need to go with minimal or no assistance. While you can walk up and down a ramp, it can be easy to lose your footing. If you do have a ramp installed in your home, make sure that the ramp is finished with a material that will provide you with some traction when you walk up and down it so that you don’t lose your footing and fall.

A Portable Step Lift

If you are needing a quick fix and don’t have a large number of stairs, a portable step lift may be a viable option. These type of lifts aren’t attached to anything permanently and can be stored when not in use. There are both battery operated and manual ones available. While this isn’t meant to be a permanent solution that you use regularly, it is a great option if you are needing a quick fix until something more permanent is installed like a stair lift or elevator. If you aren’t ready to install a permanent fixture to your home at this time but have house guests that have mobility issues, you may want to look into getting a portable step lift for your home.

A Home Lift

A great alternative to an elevator is a home lift. It is smaller than an elevator, but essentially serves the same purpose. It is a less expensive option than a traditional elevator but does virtually the same thing. During installation, it doesn’t cause as much disruption to a home and takes less time to install. Many home lifts can carry up to two people at one time. There are battery backups available so that if the power goes out an individual won’t get trapped inside of it.

As you can see, there are several options to consider, other than stairs, if you are making plans to build a home. While you might still be able to use stairs as you get older, it may become more difficult. It’s easier to add these types of items to your home while you are building it rather than remodelling it years down the road.

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