Getting Help With Addiction

Everyone has someone in their life that is or has been an addict. In the United States, nearly one out of every seven people are addicts or will face addiction in their future. Being an addict or knowing an addict comes with severe consequences. It can cause extreme depression, guilt, feelings of inadequacy, pain, and loneliness. The hit television show “Intervention” shows some stories of those who are battling addiction and the toll it takes on their families. It provides real-life examples from real people who are fighting the battle to beat addiction and get help. No matter how many times you have hit rock bottom or how impossible it may feel, beating your addiction and getting clean is always possible!

If you are struggling to beat your addiction and looking into recovery centres, you should look for centres that have received a JCAHO accreditation. JCAHO stands for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organisations. Only the very best organisations are given this accreditation. Clean is a JCAHO accredited rehab center in Tampa because it has passed strict surveys that focused on patient care, treatment plans, and other health care standards. Clean Recovery Centres focus on helping addicts overcome their addiction and develop treatment plans to cope with their struggles.


How To Get Help For An Addict?

Getting help with addiction can be a very challenging thing to do for both the addict and their family and friends. In order to get help with addiction, the addict must first admit that they have a problem and look for help. Unfortunately, if the addict does not want help, there is almost nothing that family and friends can do to help. Addiction can tear families apart, destroy lives, and cause financial and emotional distress. If someone you know and love is looking for treatment, the best plan of action is to first speak with a professional. The professional can help you design a course of action that they believe is most appropriate. In some circumstances, an intervention will be used. During an intervention, the friends and family of the addict will come together with the professional and the addict him/herself. They will talk in great detail about the problems the addict has caused, why they want the addict to get help, and any consequences that might incur if the addict does not seek help immediately. Regardless of how hurt and upset you are, it is critical that all persons involved stay positive and do not place blame on the addict. Hurting the addict, rather than the addiction itself, can destroy the addict and make him or her refuse treatment.

Once the addict agrees to go to treatment, the professional will most likely already have a place picked out. The specifics of the treatment plan and location of the centre will have been discussed earlier with the family. After an intervention, if one is needed, the addict will enter into the treatment facility. While in treatment, the addict will take time to detox, reflect on their addiction, overcome the cause of their addiction, and work on becoming the person they want to be. Each treatment centre is a little bit different, but they all have individual and group counselling that the addict will be asked to go to. While in counselling, the addict will be able to share stories, hear the stories of others, and talk about the hopes for the future. They can reflect and write about their plans for the future and how they plan to never use again.

While in treatment, it is important for the addict to find a hobby that they enjoy. This can help keep them relaxed both in treatment and out of treatment when he or she is released. After treatment, it is critical that the recovering addict does not engage with people who use any kind of substance like alcohol or drugs. Staying clean is difficult and nearly impossible if a recovering addict is around other addicts. Living in a drug-free home with support of people all around can make the transition between the treatment centre and real life easier and more comforting.

If you or someone you know is an addict and looking to get help, it is critical that you find a professional and a treatment centre that can help.

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