10 Posh dates on a budget

It’s that time of the year when the purse strings are tight after December’s festivities. That doesn’t mean to say that you and your loved one can’t enjoy each others company in style. Try one of these dates, a cheap and fun imitation of what you would be doing if you had the cash!


1) Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is something both of you can enjoy in your own home and feel sophisticated while doing it. Buy half a few bottles of vino that you’ve never had before then check out YouTube for tutorial videos to learn exactly how to taste the wine. The best thing about doing it in your living room is you actually get to swallow the drink rather than spit it out!


2) A Picnic

Luxury picnics were the height of cool last summer. Unfortunately, the weather is as dreary as our bank balances but that’s no excuse. Splash out on a few nice cheeses and save money by making your own posh canapés rather than spending lots at a deli. Set a picnic blanket up in your front room and voilà – a romantic meal for two.


3) A Gig

Your other half may be a big fan of a number one band but concert tickets can be pricey. Check out local gigs in your area. Many bands perform at pubs and bars and entry is either free or a few quid each. This is a perfect date for a music lover, and who knows – you might be watching the next big thing.


4) A Home cooked meal

Who doesn’t love to sit down to a fresh home cooked meal at the end of a hard day? Rustle up a five star menu for your partner. Cooking is fun and easy and you can recreate Michelin starred meals for a slice of the price, just remember to set the table nicely!


5) A trip

Budget, budget, budget! It’s painful, I know, but going through your income and outgoings will give you a realistic idea of how much you can save each month. You can also download a free budget template that can really help you visualise your fiscal well-being. You will want to save as much as possible, but you need to be able to get by until you leave. Don’t forget about things you may need to pay out for before you leave. Flights, visas, immunisations and insurance will all need to be purchased prior to your travels, so make sure you factor in these too.


6) A Trip to a museum

Museums are vastly underrated. They have a bad reputation of being boring and for old people. However, museums are a great way to feel as though you are cultured and sophisticated. This country has so much history and culture which you can both enjoy, most of the time for free. if you’re fans of Downton, head to Highclere Castle to explore where it is filmed. If you’re science geeks, check out the Science Museum which has loads of fun activities. If they like animals, take them to the Natural History Museum. There really is something for everyone.


7) A Spa Day

Everyone loves to feel pampered but the price tag that comes with a day at the spa can be astronomical. Save money and still get that indulgent feeling but creating a spa in your own home! Buy his and hers face packs, a few bottles of posh lotions and some fluffy white bathrobes and spend the day giving each other facials and back massages. Even the men will enjoy this girly treat.


8) The Driving Range

A few hours at the driving range can provide lots of silly fun without the huge costs and pretentiousness of a real golf course. If your loved one enjoys a challenge the make it into a competition of who’s the better golfer.


9) Cocktails

Instead of splashing out on drinks in a fancy wine bar, download some cocktail recipes and have a night in together. Use the alcohol laying round your house and try to come up with a delicious new cocktails just for the two of you. You can even dress up nicely and it has the added pro of not having to pay for a taxi home!


10) A musical

Musicals and give off an aura of wealth and class. Instead of spending all your money on a musical in the West End, look for touring performances. The shows have the same cast but instead of watching it in their resident theatre you can watch it at one in your local area. This saves money on travel and tickets are at least half the price.


11) Casino night

If you can’t afford to flash money in a casino you definitely can’t afford to fly to Vegas for a few nights on the tiles. Luckily, home poker sets are inexpensive. Buy that and a roulette wheel and invite a few other couples over for a Vegas themed group date, get everyone to dress up nicely as if they were going to a posh casino and you have yourself a pricey date on the cheap.

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