Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life and Save You Money

Life is busy and there can be places to go, people to see, and things to do. So if there are some hacks that can help us to make life a little easier, then it has got to be worth a try, right? From learning how to dry your clothes more quickly, to improving your organisation or time management, or money management, it can all make a difference. It is the little things, right? Here are some life hacks to give a try.


Dry your clothes more quickly

You might be a college student and simply not have a dryer, or you might need to dry your clothes quickly for an event or party that you totally forgotten about. So if that sounds like you, having a hack up your sleeve that is going to make it simpler is going to be a good thing. Take a dry towel and put your wet items of clothing on it. Then roll the towel with the clothing or single item, inside. Then pick up the towel with the clothing inside, and then twist it as tightly as possible. It helps to squeeze out the excess water much more quickly than would happen in a dryer. Once you have drained the excess water, then you can hang the item of clothing on a hanger to dry fully. It will do so much more quickly as it won’t be dripping wet.


Stop shoes from smelling

From time to time our shoes can start to smell. We might have forgotten to wear socks or it might be a warm summer day. You know at times like that your feet are going to sweat so much more and that can lead to stinky shoes. To stop this, there is a simple hack that you can try. Put a dry tea bag inside each shoe and it will help to absorb the smell without anything getting more moist and stinky. If your shoes are wet as well as smelly, then it is a good idea to fill them with a mix of dry rice and baking soda, and then leaving them for a few days.


Water damage to your phone

There are a lot of phones these days that can be dipped in water and then still survive. But there are still some phones that can break or stop working if they are dropped in water. So if you have your phone in the bathroom with you, it could drop into the sink when brushing your teeth or into the toilet. But there is good news to help. Much like putting rice in wet shoes can help to absorb water, the same can happen with a phone. For example, if there is a wet phone, then pop it in a bag of rice, switch it off, and hope for the best. It is worth a try!


Save money on your phone 

If you have a phone then the costs can be quite high. If you are paying for the monthly payments for the calls, data, and text, as well as making payments to pay off the phone, it can all really add up. But if you have paid off your contract, then it can be a good idea to think about saving some money with the phone that you have, rather than getting yourself a new phone contract. It could be worth looking at something like the SMARTY network as you can get SIM only contracts, which helps to save money, rather than getting a brand new phone. It can be good for a temporary fix, such as when you go traveling, so it can be worth looking into if you need to be saving yourself some money. 


Find small lost items

If you have lost something tiny at home, like a diamond that fell out of a ring, an earring, or something else small, then you can use a hack using your vacuum cleaner to help you. Cover the end of the vacuum cleaner with a stocking or tights, and then switch it on and start your search. If the item is in the room, then it will not get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner and will be there on the stockings or tights. It could be worth doing from time to time to see if there is anything found there.


Drink more water

Being able to drink more water is always a good thing to keep hydrated. One easy life hack is to get a Sharpie marker pen and mark on when you drink from it and when. If you put on each hour on the bottle, you’ve got a reminder to get chugging some more water. Then you will be able to drink plenty and stay hydrated. 


Unblock your drains

If you have a drain that is blocked, from a sink to a shower plug, then it can be a hassle to clean. You can get a few products from the store to help, but they can be toxic and also quite pricey. So instead, using a hack of sprinkling some baking soda down the drain, and then adding some white vinegar down, can cause a natural chemical reaction that can disintegrate what is down there clogging the drain like hair or food. Do it a couple of times, and then rinse with boiling water. Quick, natural, and easy. 


Make ice last longer

If you have a party coming up or a summer BBQ and want to keep the water that you put your drinks in, and keep the ice frozen for longer, then there is something that can help. Believe it or not, sprinkling some salt on the ice helps it to stay frozen for much longer. It can make a massive difference to keep your ice frozen for longer.


Amplify your phone’s speaker

On a similar note, as it might be for a party, it can be a good idea to know how to use your phone as a speaker, just in case that is all that you have or you can’t plug in any speakers outside or at the beach, for example. One thing that you can do is to get a tall glass tumbler, or even a plastic cup (make sure that it is dry, of course). After that, put your phone in the glass, and then you’ve created your own speaker and made it much louder than it would be if you just left the phone out. Try it and see for yourself. 


Eliminating body odor

If you have run out of deodorant or have forgotten to take with you to work or to the gym, for example, then you’ll be on the lookout for something else that can help. If you have a fresh lemon, lime or orange, then you can just cut them in half and then rub them onto your skin. The essential oils in the peel especially, can make such a difference. Your body odor will then be long gone. 


Deal in cash

If you have a habit of overspending because you go out, don’t budget very well, and then just know you have a credit card to fall back on, then it can lead to spending way too much and can cause a lot of problems. So something that you need to do, is to deal in cash. You can’t overspend if all you have with you is the cash, and there is no credit card to use. So it means you will only spend on those things that you need to get.

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