What are Prohormones?

A prohormone is often taken as a sports supplement by athletes, body builders, or weight lifters. The actual effect it creates will depend on the exact compound used, but the primary aims are generally to build muscle mass, to improve strength and endurance, and to increase motivation for working out. 

Prohormones are sometimes referred to as steroids, and there is a school of thought that insists they are no better – or worse – than these illegal substances. However, there are fundamental differences between the two, and it’s important you understand the benefits and disadvantages before you start taking any of the sports supplements available today.


Why Are Prohormones Better Than Taking Anabolic Steroids?

So, if both are performance-enhancing substances, what is the difference between the two? Obviously, anabolic steroids are illegal, and you are at risk of prosecution, as well as facing social stigma if you are found out. Of course, some forms of steroids are occasionally – but with care – prescribed for specific medical conditions, but usually with the caveat that they are not taken in large doses or for any length of time. There are excellent reasons why anabolic steroids, in particular, are illegal in the UK and most other countries worldwide. 

These powerful hormones don’t just build up muscle; they also have a negative effect on many other parts of the body. Men’s sperm count can be reduced, or they can become infertile altogether. Women can grow excessive facial and body hair and experience difficulties in menstruation, for instance. Both sexes are at risk of heart attacks, liver disease, and severe mood swings, to name but a few of the dangers. In the UK, taking prohormones, by contrast, is entirely legal. More than that, the prohormone is taken orally (rather than injected by needle, as a steroid is) as a supplement to your diet. 

Called a precursor to a hormone, it does not actually become active in the body until converted by the liver, when it amplifies the effects of hormones already present in the body. Taken correctly to avoid side effects, a prohormone stack can give the user many of the benefits of illegal steroids with far fewer risks. That’s why they are for sale legally at Muscle Rage and other reputable companies like this.


How Do I Take Sports Supplements Safely?

Although legal prohormones are less strong, and, therefore, considered safer, than their illegal counterparts, they can still be viewed as a form of steroid and should be used with care. A legitimate product from a legitimate manufacturer will always include detailed instructions on how to use the product safely. Aside from this, there are a few very important factors to take into consideration before you hand over any money for a particular prohormone supplement. 

Firstly, they are not suitable for use by those under the age of 21, whose bodies are still growing. If you take this supplement at a young age, side effects can be particularly severe and irreversible, from hair loss to psychological problems right up to permanent liver and kidney damage. Secondly, even for over-21s, these are powerful supplements: be sure to carry out short cycles on prohormone stacks and, in between, allow the body to return to its natural state (known as homeostasis). Make sure you invest time and money in taking a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to help the body recover, jump-starting its natural testosterone production again. 

Finally, an absolute must is to cut out all alcohol while using prohormones. Both substances can have a significant impact on the liver, and, therefore, mixing the two at the same time magnifies the effects and risks, potentially causing long-term and fatal damage. It is worth bearing in mind that alcohol also plays a role in inhibiting muscle growth, so if this is your aim, abstinence is the better option, in any case.

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