5 Reasons to Use an E-cig to Help Quit Smoking

Don’t think you are the only one who is trying to kick a smoking habit. Nearly six out of ten smokers say they want to stop. No doubt quitting is the one best thing one can do for his/her health. Smoking harms nearly all your body organs, including the heart. According to new research, almost one-third of death from heart diseases are the result of smoking.

We know this fact that quitting smoking is not an easy thing. You may try a hundred times to quit your smoking habit but end up with a relapse. Due to this, most smokers tempt to turn to e-cigarette to ease the shift from traditional smoking to quit smoking. But do you think an electric cigarette is really helpful or not any better than using tobacco products? And can electronic cigarettes help you to stop traditional smoking once and for all? So here we have shared five possible reasons due to which e-cigarette is better than the traditional one and how it helps in quitting smoking.


1. No Burning, Tar, Ash, or Smoke

The first reason why most people want to quit their smoking habit is that they don’t feel comfortable smoking traditional cigarettes due to its smoke. Although there are countless other harms of smoking, this is also the obvious one. Most smokers don’t like to smoke when they are attending a family gathering, as anyone can complain about the smoke. A traditional cigarette contains more than four thousand toxins and chemicals. By comparison, an electric cigarette contains only five natural ingredients such as water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycol, flavouring, and vegetables, which are approved for human consumption.


2. Lower Health Risks

New research has recently shared the results of studies related to electronic cigarettes that are less harmful as compared to traditional cigarettes. Due to these new results, most smokers who want to quit their smoking tend to use electronic cigarettes so they can ease their lust with lower health risks.


3. One Can Control Nicotine Quantity

When you are a traditional smoker, you don’t have any choice of selecting the ingredient used in it. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes give you an option to choose how much nicotine you want. It totally depends on you. Due to this flexibility, most smokers who want to quit their smoking habit due to its potential health risk choose this option.


4. Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Pose the Fire Risks

Along with the health risks, there are many other harms of using traditional cigarettes. According to a report, almost around one thousand deaths and more than three thousand injuries are caused every year because of cigarette smoke and ash. An electric cigarette does not cause a fire in the same way as it does not involve combustible materials. So due to this reason, most smokers want to quit traditional smoking.


5. Overcome the Risk of Cigarette Relapse

More than seventy percent of smokers complain about their relapse. It happens because they don’t find anything to ease their addiction. This is where they find electronic cigarettes helpful to overcome relapse. E-cigarettes are specially designed to help you with quitting smoking.

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