Staying In Touch With Loved Ones During Lockdown

Society finds itself in a pretty strange time at the minute, and it’s even stranger because there’s no-one out there who has experience with what we’re going through. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us all inside, and we’re unable to do all the things that we’d normally do, including getting together with our loved ones. While we all know that it’s important to stay indoors and stay safe, that doesn’t make being cut off from friends and family any easier to handle. We should feel lucky, however, that this happened in 2020, when we have various ways to stay in touch. We take a look at a few of the best ways to do so below.


Daily Phone Calls

We’re not just cut off from our loved ones at the moment: we’re cut off from everyone! On any given day, you’ll talk to many people, even if it’s just for a small chat. Now, we’re talking to no-one except the other people that live in our homes. And so enter the humble phone, which can be a terrific way to stay social. Whenever you’re feeling a little lonely, give someone you love a call. Even if you only talk for two minutes, you’ll find that it helps you to feel a little more connected.


Family Video Chats

A brief phone call can help, but it’s not going to replicate the feeling of everyone being together. For that, we thankfully have group video chat options. Using your smartphone, you can video call multiple people at the same time, so that you can effectively have a family get together, just a virtual rather than “real world” one. For this, you’ll need a good internet connection and a smartphone. If you need a better smartphone than the one you currently own, then take a look at refurbished Samsung’s; there are many great deals on high-quality models available. From there, it’ll be all about setting a time, and everyone checking in for an hour or so of fun.


Host a Dance Party

One of the problems that people are finding during lockdown is that…they have nothing to say. And it’s understandable; after all, there’s not much by way of new information coming in. When you’re stuck inside all day, there’s not much exciting news to share, and everyone’s getting sick of talking about the pandemic too. But it’s still important to get together, even if you don’t feel like chatting. One fun way to do this is to have a dance party. Everyone can check in via a video app, one person can play some songs, and then you all dance. It’s a great way to get together and to move your body a little, which is really important when we’re all staying inside so much. 


Writing Letters

You’ve got all this time on your hands, why not look at trying your hand at one of the slower mediums for communication, such as letter writing? This is an under appreciated medium. You’ll find that it offers you something that more modern technologies just can’t, and you’ll also brighten the day of whoever you decide to send your letter to. It’s not about writing anything particularly profound; just your thoughts, impressions, memories, and so on will be just fine! You can type it out on your computer if you like, but if you want to make things extra personal, then get out a pen and a nice piece of paper, and do things by hand.


Utilise Social Media

We should all be grateful that one of the most social spaces we know can be accessed without even leaving your bed. Social media has its flaws, sure, but it can be a hugely positive tool during times of crisis. When we’re stuck indoors, it’s normal to feel a little down. Social media websites can show us that everyone else is in exactly the same position as you are. Comment on your friends’ photos, publish your own posts and generally stay in touch with people from your present and past. 


Small Messages 

Finally, remember that you don’t have to suffer in silence during the lockdown. Whenever you’re feeling a little lonely, get out your phone, and send a message to someone. They’ll be happy to get the text. Even people from your far past are fine; it’s not always about going deep and having a heart to heart. It’s just about checking in with one another and doing our best to get through this trying and difficult period. 

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