8 Reasons Why Nursing Could Be the Right Career Path for You

Why you pick a specific career over another is a delicate balance of what you want from life and what that choice can do to get you there, so if you’re still on the fence about being a nurse or have just begun to consider it take a look at their 8 reasons why nursing could be the right career path for you.


Academic opportunities

Making the decision to become a nurse will be a big one and bring along with it more questions and considerations to take on, one of them is how and where to get your degree.

When you arrive at this particular nursing crossroad try and answer these as a guide for your picking a destination for school:

  • Do you want to be close to home?
  • Should you study out of state?
  • How do you feel about dorms?
  • Is the closest school the best choice?
  • What do you value more? Ranking? Credits needed?
  • How is the class environment at the school?
  • Where are the best teachers?

This questionnaire will probably help you weed out some of the universities on your list that don’t really make any sense, for deciding between the remaining one give yourself one or three characteristics of your nursing program that you are not willing to budge on and make another round of cuts from there.

If after all of that, you still have multiple choices ask former alumni for real hand experience tales and if you still have a few standings even after that follow your instinct and logic to your nursing choice.

One of the advantages you have as a modern nursing student is having programs like Marymount University nursing available, where you can take on an online degree to further your career as a nurse.

The option of taking on an online degree can open the possibility of making your education compatible with a full or part-time work schedule, it’s going to be tough, but you do have the option of doing it.


A challenge to your skills

The path to being a nurse is challenging intellectually, psychically, and emotionally, it can be drained by oh so rewarding.

Props to those looking at these 8 reasons why nursing could be the right career path for you because you are smart enough to want the challenges that are presented by the nursing profession.

Why is it such a challenge? It takes a lot of reading, can be quite stressful, demanding of your time, resources, and if it’s your dream job, a lot is riding on it to work.

Why should you not be discouraged from becoming a nurse? A lot of people have done it and love it, everything that we mentioned before you can deal with by being methodical in your studies, taking care of your mental health as a college student, talking to your close friends, family, and your partner about the demand of your career and putting in the time.

Nursing, like most professions within the healthcare fields, is an exciting adventure for the ones that have the passion for it, testing and expanding on the skills they already have acquired in their educational history, and also creating new abilities so that they can succeed as nurses.

Remember that at the end of this challenging road lies your title, accomplishments, satisfaction and the opportunity to one day serve as the guide for another hopeful student facing the same challenges you did and overcame.

As long as you keep the end goal in your mind and apply yourself, the challenges will be easier to conquer.


Working with people

If you have a passion for working with people and for people, then nursing is definitely a career you should consider.

There are so many instances where you are going to have to interact with people as a nurse:

  • Patient care and there are so many possibilities within this one since you can choose to specialize on a nursing path that will have you treating and talking with kids, teens, moms and dads, people with disabilities, and much more.
  • Family of the patients
  • Coworkers like other nurses, doctor, technicians and the hundreds that will work alongside you
  • As a mentor to nursing students even young doctor might look to you for guidance
  • Strangers as well might approach you when they see your scrubs to ask you health-related question

That’s enough personal exchange to satisfy even the most outgoing person out there.

Now if you are more the introverted type don’t let this put you off you can operate professionally without needing to make yourself uncomfortable, just stay in lane with the health protocols, and you’ll be fine, plus you shyness can be melted away after years of exposure.


Job security

One of the big reasons why nursing could be the right career path for you is the fact that it is a source of work that doesn’t seem to be going down in offers.

The healthcare industry is one of the few that seems to be guaranteed continued growth amid current and future expectations.

Who wouldn’t want to join a profession where there most likely will be jobs available at the end of your education process.


A community of nurses behind you

Being a nurse is a serious undertaking, that’s why the people go complete nursing school and go on to practice and have created one of the strongest professional communities in any field.

In any career having a mentor benefits you, influencing your performance, decisions, career path, reducing your error and helping you find your way easier and faster, that’s what the community of nurses you’ll join can do for you when you find the right one.

The reason why this community is so strong and unified the shared experience of facing the challenges of nursing school, training together, treating patients shoulder by shoulder even saving lives as one team, plus having to fight for rights and vindication, that’s what drives nurses to stick together, and will probably make you happy to have them by your side in any situation.

So keep this reason close to mind when you are ready to determine your career path.


Diversity in specializations

If you have a lot of skills and don’t know what the right field is for them? Nursing could be the answer because, with all the different specializations in this profession, there’s probably a practice you’ll be comfortable with and thrive.

When you begin the road to becoming a nurse you’ll be exposed to the different routes it can take you on, so you’ll be better informed when declaring your specialization, and of course, there is room for change.

Keep in mind also that as you move up in experience, your role will change, and you might be offered different ways of practicing nursing.


Personal accomplishment

Getting your nursing degree is going to become a significant accomplishment in your life, something to celebrate, be proud of, and grown from.

You’ll know yourself to have faced and conquered all the challenges, the best thing is you won’t be alone in the feeling. Nurses are respected members of communities, figures people look up to and trust, a role that someday you might one day be able to play.

Consider what is waiting at the end of your nursing degree every time you stay up to study and work.


Traveling the world

Healthcare is a world-recognized industry, and nurses are needed in every corner of the glove, which is why nursing is an excellent choice for travel lovers.

So whether you are planning to go solo around the world or bring someone with you, your nursing degree could be that leg up that gets you a job when you need it the most.


Because you love it

This reason why nursing could be the right career path for you might be very cliched, but it stands true, especially considering the challenges you will face to become a nurse.

Having a passion for the work that nurses do, how they learn, can treat people with kindness, are experts at what they do, and if you have a genuine interest in this field, then you are way ahead of the pack.

Anything that comes from the heart first is a great steppingstone for success, so if nursing is a dream of yours, don’t the opinions of others discourage you, follow the path with determination. You might find yourself holding that nurse title in the future.

These are just a few of the very long list of reason why considering being a nurse might be good for you or anyone planning their future, ac career that drives people, make them grow and offer great opportunities, exploration, more knowledge, and an incredible community.

On your steps forward consider all the points made here and stack them up against your own personal feeling, beliefs, and reality to see what the best plan and outcome will be for your particular case, and best of luck for all the future nurses out there!

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