5 Apps To Help You Revamp Your Home

Home renovation projects can be great fun or a real nightmare; it all depends on how organised you are! Before you start commissioning work and making changes, it’s wise to properly plan out the styles, materials, and renovations you’re looking for. To help you on your planning and improvement journey, check out these great applications.


  1. Planner 5D

Using the Planner 5D app, users can create a photorealistic rendering of their home. It’s great to be able to get an idea of potential interior design styles before you actually apply these designs. Planner 5D has an easy to use interface including both 2D and 3D modes. With the item catalogue, you can create your dream home, and play at being an interior designer. One of the best features is ‘snapshot,’ here you can play around with photo images and manipulate the lighting.


  1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is one of the best sites to find creative inspiration. Simply download the app on your phone and enjoy browsing thousands of creative projects. With a wide range of interior design and craft photographs, you’ll find plenty to work with. Once you’ve finished your own interior design projects, why not upload them to Pinterest and become a part of the growing community. Whether you’re looking to modernise your bedroom or get ideas for a kids playroom, you’re sure to be inspired.


  1. iHandy Carpenter

Before you take on your next home improvement project, make sure you download the iHandy Carpenter app. Here you can use bubble level bars, plumb bobs and levelling tools. With the application, you can check that your photos, surfaces and walls are all perfectly aligned. There’s also a protractor and a ruler, helping you to ensure that your projects are precise.


  1. Garden Plan Pro

Now it’s time to revamp your garden, and thankfully there’s an app for that too! The Garden Plan Pro app helps you to plan the perfect vegetable garden using simple tools and expert tips. You can use the app for any type of garden, including for raised beds, rows or containers. You’ll find info about hundreds of different plants and learn all you need to know about producing an excellent harvest. Growing your own vegetables doesn’t have to be a chore, and it can also help you to save plenty of money.


  1. Artfully 

Looking for a new piece of art for your home? Using Artfully, you can browse hundreds of beautiful pieces, whether you’re looking for sculptures, photography or paintings. Using the VR feature, you can test out what the art will look like in your home, change the frame, or customise the wall colour. Now all you need to do is decide which type of art you’re looking for.


If you’ve had a play around with these apps and you’re still looking for a professional touch, why not consult an architect or an interior designer? Achieving a modern house design requires a plenty of planning, and often, an added expert touch.

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