The Secret To Creating A Stunning Home Decor For 2020

Pinterest is undoubtedly an excellent way to gain inspiration for all kinds of things in life. For example, many people use the image bookmarking site to create collections of photos for home design purposes.

You’re likely reading this today because you want to revamp your home’s decor, but you’re probably stuck for ideas. You want to make the right choices and create a new look for your home’s interior that would be worthy of showing off on Pinterest. What should you do?


Use complementary colors

Your first thoughts will undoubtedly be to paint your walls different colors to what you’ve got at present. The thing is, what’s the ‘best’ color scheme to choose for your home’s decor? Especially in shared living spaces like lounges and kitchens?

One idea is to use complementary colors. Have you ever heard the saying, “opposites attract”? Well, that rings true when talking about interior color schemes that work well in any home! For example, you could opt for coral shades with turquoise tones.


Showcase some artwork

Everyone knows that art is subjective, and so no-one should ‘make’ you opt for a particular style of art in your home. You might wish to support some Aussie artists or others local to you that offer art in the style that you like.

The great selling point about putting up artwork on your walls is they provide a welcome distraction to plain colors on walls. Paintings and art help to break up what is otherwise a continuous expanse of wall, especially in places like hallways.


Reveal your home’s original features

Over the years, previous owners or occupants of your home may have covered up some of your abode’s original features. Fireplaces are a classic example, as some people would rather hide them away from view.

Exposing fireplaces offers several advantages. For instance, you create a new focal point in your rooms. And let’s not forget the fact that fireplaces are awesome during winter, and help to create romantic and relaxing settings.

Other features in your home that are typically hidden away include floorboards, as most home dwellers prefer to have carpets. You could still “have your cake and eat it” by laying a large rug across the middle of a room that has exposed floorboards.

One final idea could be to remove the paint and plaster from one wall, and having an exposed brick wall. You may wish to do that if you’d like to create a feature wall, or you’re going for a more simplistic theme for your home decor.


Flood your rooms with light

Last but not least, when upgrading the decor of your home, don’t forget about your windows. During the day, you’re most likely wanting to let lots of light into your rooms. However, that’s not possible if you’ve got net or thick curtains in the way, or your windows have shutters.

When you flood your rooms with light, you make them appear bigger, brighter, and more homelier.

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