3 Upcoming Vampire Films Feeding Our Love for Monsters

There’s no denying the appeal of vampires. Since ancient times, the supernatural monsters have gripped people’s imagination, inspiring great productions in film and many other forms of entertainment.

It’s no surprise then, that more projects are on the horizon and fans are eager to welcome them. Here are three upcoming vampire films making waves and some thoughts as to why these particular monsters captivate audiences so much.


Why Are Vampires Popular?

A range of vampires exist in entertainment, some beautiful and tragic, others monstrous. What they all have in common are fear and awe. Like any good horror theme, vampires send chills down your spine and make you think about your mortality. These qualities have turned small projects into whole franchises.

From Dusk till Dawn started as one film and now has a TV series, as well as wider entertainment titles, to its name. Betting sites like Space Casino feature a titular slot game, for example. Its design uses familiar characters and audio from the original film alongside free spins and interactive reels. As a popular theme, it pulls you back into the grungy vampiric universe and boosts your gaming experience.

Another example of vampire-themed entertainment making it big are Anne Rice’s books. They went from underrated horror literature to several blockbusters, and a rumoured TV remake on the way called The Vampire Lestat. The main winning feature of her stories were the characters, troubled and memorable, something modern productions try to replicate.



Due for release in October 2021, Morbius has Jared Leto starring as the Marvel anti-hero. Other famous cast members include Jared Harris, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, and Michael Keaton. Daniel Espinosa is directing.

The film’s basis is loyal to Marvel’s tale of Michael Morbius, who accidentally turns himself into a vampire while trying to cure his rare blood disease. This adds to an already promising package, which also connects somehow to the next chapter in the Marvel universe focused on Spiderman.



All we know so far is that Mahershala Ali is the new Blade and that the reboot might be out sometime in 2022. It’s a dream come true for the actor as he pushed to be a part of the project after his time on Luke Cage.

Yahoo highlights Ali’s keen interest in the day-walker. What drew him was how much darker the character and his story was compared to other comic books. Ali’s respect for the role bodes well for the project, as does the fresh take on the half-vampire producers are going for.



Despite the disaster of Dracula Untold, filmmakers are trying again, but following the recipe of The Invisible Man. The new Monsterverse aims to make Universal’s famous characters more chilling and modern than epic.

Karyn Kusama is set to direct the screenplay by Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay. Blumhouse is producing and hoping to repeat the storytelling and Box Office success of The Invisible Man. However, the only detail available yet is that it’s set in modern times. Time will tell what we can look forward to.

The best vampires in entertainment are the most unique and scary. Even the more amicable characters are interesting because of the monsters that lie beneath. These upcoming productions show that the industry is very much aware of the strange bond between vampires and their fans. Hopefully, the wait will be worthwhile.

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