Should You Chase Your Career Dreams Abroad?

If you have a dream career, it’s important that you take the time to prepare for it. No-one is going to give you the job you’re pining for immediately. There will be challenges and, depending on the field you want to work in, some of those challenges are going to be geographical. Here, we’re going to look at what you need to think seriously about if you’re considering chasing your career abroad.


Have you laid the foundations as best possible?

As mentioned, no-one is going to give you the job that leads to your dream career immediately. For one, you’re likely not ready for it. If you have a position overseas that you would like to aim for, then start laying the foundations now. Find out what kind of qualifications and experience you need. It’s usually easier to earn these where you currently are than trying to pick them up after having already moved overseas. Of course, that might not always be the case, so keep that in mind.


Will it be difficult to work abroad?

It might not be as easy to work in some countries as it is in others. For one, some countries might allow immigration based on the specific skills you bring or industry you want to work in. Does the career you want fit either of those? Otherwise, you should also do your research on how you’re going to be taxed. Some countries have tax treaties that will make paying taxes more complicated, and you should be ready for the work that will come with that.


Have you researched the process?

You’re going to be doing more than job-seeking, you’re also going to be going through the immigration process. It’s essential you take the time to do the research on what kind of visas or moving options are available to you, as well as what paperwork and provisions you might need to prepare ahead of time. From there, it’s a good idea to work with immigration lawyers to avoid making the small mistakes that can end up causing huge delays. You should expect some delays, of course, but there’s a lot you can do on your side to prevent some of them: mainly making sure you go through the process correctly.


Are you sure the career is really for you?

Simply put, it’s easy to have some notions about what your career is going to entail, only to find out that the reality is very different. The single best way to make sure you don’t have any incorrect notions about what your new working life will be like is to get in touch with people who are in the industry. Networking online through the right social media channels can help you forge a connection with those who give you some vital information to make sure you know what to expect.


There are some careers that, if you want to truly excel, you will have to move for. It’s just a matter of if you’re really ready and it’s what you really want.

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