Is 2021 A Good Year To Move Abroad?

Metaphorically, there are many people who are feeling like caged animals. Lockdowns have inspired daydreams about escaping to far-flung destinations and a carpe diem attitude to travel. If you’re considering jetting off and fulfilling lifelong dreams to see more of the world or move abroad, you may be wondering whether now is a good time to act.


Travel rules and restrictions

We started 2021 bursting with optimism and breathing a collective sigh of relief that 2020 was finally over. So far, that optimism has been somewhat misplaced, especially when it comes to globetrotting. Across the world, borders are shut and it could be some time before they open. Even after lockdown measures are eased across Europe and beyond, it could take weeks, even months or years for travel to return to normal. If you’re thinking about relocating, it may be wise to start planning, but to have a plan B just in case your proposals don’t materialise as quickly as anticipated. Keep an eye on updates, look for confirmation of changes in legislation and consider destinations carefully. There are some countries that are likely to open before others, but they may have stipulations in place that govern who can visit. 


Visas and legal requirements

In many cases, it’s possible to arrange a holiday or a work trip without worrying about applying for a visa, but there are exceptions. You will need a visa to travel to certain destinations, and if you plan to stay for a prolonged period or to get a job, you’ll need to undertake research and ensure that you have the relevant documents before you book flights or pay for accommodation. In the UK, as in other destinations, it is possible that visa applications can be rejected. Sometimes, this is a result of a lack of information or inaccuracies in the application process, while in others, the individual might not meet the circumstances. If this scenario arises, it’s beneficial to seek advice from emergency immigration solicitors. There could be a simple solution, or it may be possible to correct mistakes or to add information to the application to increase the chances of a visa being approved. The UK remains a popular destination for visitors and those looking to put down roots, but there are regulations in place, and in 2021, it may be more difficult for visitors from abroad to relocate. 


Opportunities to earn

The pandemic has affected almost every country on the planet, and economic uncertainty is likely to loom large for months to come. One of the main concerns for those looking to travel with a view to moving overseas in 2021 is finding a job. While some industries have thrived and expanded as a result of the pandemic, many have suffered and this has triggered a surge in unemployment. If you are considering living abroad in 2021, it’s crucial to think about how you’re going to support yourself financially. It may be possible to swap to a different location if you work for an international employer or to work remotely, or you might be looking for a new job. Research before you make any decisions, analyse the impact of the virus in different countries and start searching for roles that suit your skill set and qualifications.

Travel may be off the cards at the moment, but many people will be keen to jet off as soon as the green light is signalled. If you are thinking about moving abroad or travelling for a long period of time in 2021, careful planning is required. 

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