Successful Startups: The Do’s and Don’ts Of How To Create Tattoo Business

Tattoos are a way of life for many these days, and that means there is most definitely a market for those that can provide them. However, while being able to tattoo to a high standard is a vital part of running this type of business, it is not the only consideration to make. Keep reading to discover what the others are. 


Do practice your craft 

There is a big difference between a scratcher and a tattoo artist. The first is someone that does tattoos at home with little training or expertise and is looked down on within the industry. However, a proper tattoo artist is someone that has committed themselves to the training and gone through an official apprenticeship, something that means they will have had the guidance of a more experienced artist while they learn their craft. 

Of course, if you want to be a successful professional tattoo artist and open your own shop you will need to choose the latter route. 


Don’t forget to check the laws in your area 

Due to the nature of the work, there are some pretty important laws and regulations that all those running a tattoo shop need to be aware of and stick to. 

These usually cover things such as the minimum age of the person being tattooed, as well as sterilisation of equipment in your studio. Of course, you must adhere to these if you want a viable business because your health department can close you down if they find you in violation. 


Do invest in good quality equipment 

Can you buy tattoo pens, tattoo needles, and ink off Amazon and eBay? Sure, but whether you should or not is a completely different matter. Indeed, when it comes to equipment like tattoo needles you get what you pay for, and that means shopping at a specialist store is the best idea. 

Indeed, the quality of your equipment isn’t just important for the safety of your customers, buy your own comfort, and the quality of your work. The latter being a walking advert that will get you more bookings in the long term.  

Also, don’t forget that as well as the day-to-day tattooing supplies you will need for your shop, you will require standard retail items as well including a cash register, computer for your booking system, and even a wireless point of sale device. Indeed, by offering the option of paying by card you can secure more bookings. 


Don’t underestimate the importance of the right location 

Lastly, when it comes to running a successful tattoo parlour, remember that where you are located and the premises you choose are very important.

Clients are likely to expect certain things from a tattoo shop such as easy walk-in access from the centre of town, as well as a more alternative decor and interior scheme. 

Be sure that any building you choose has enough space for you to fit in several chairs too, as you can rent at least one of these out to other artists and so increase your profit-making potential.

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