3 Reasons Your Man Hasn’t Proposed Yet

Some people cannot wait to get married. It is part of their life goals. It’s something that they have thought about since they were little. But sometimes, it seems that the man gets in the way of your dreams! You may very well be chomping at the bit to get married. But if you’ve been in a relationship for years, yet he still doesn’t seem like he’s going to pop the question anytime soon, why is this?


Does He Have Commitment Fears? 

The most important thing to consider is that he is a human being after all. You may inadvertently be applying the pressure. If you are pointing out bespoke engagement rings that you like the look of, this is potentially a very strong hint for him to get a move on. But men are human beings, and you’ve got a look at the bigger picture. Look at their past. Maybe he’s not proposing because he’s afraid of getting burned. Whatever the reason, it’s not just about you being frustrated at his inability to propose. If he has commitment fears, you have no control over these. If you feel the need to apply the pressure, this is only going to make things worse in the long run, especially if he is the one. You must remember that you have no control over his anxieties, and he needs to take the opportunities to work through these things himself. 


He Doesn’t See You as the One (Yet) 

This might be quite painful to absorb, but we need to point out that men are different to women, which is obvious to most, and as far as commitment is concerned, this can be a bigger surprise than you originally thought. Many women commit to a relationship and look at it as a forever thing. Men may not be at that point where it feels like it is forever. And as upsetting as this can be, don’t let it colour your opinion of him. You may think that the proposal is the natural next step after a time, but the reality may be for him is that this hasn’t even entered his mind. This results in you growing impatient, expecting the ring to come soon, however, the man might not even be aware at this point! The best thing for you to do is to work at solidifying the relationship between the two of you, so he starts to see how priceless you really are


You Are Stopping Him Connecting With You 

There can be a honeymoon period, which may last a long time. And while you may think that getting a proposal out of him will inject that spark back into the relationship, it’s important to realise it is about the two sides. If everything felt fresh at the start of the relationship, but things started to go downhill, his attention to you decreased, while you got more insecure, the important thing to do is to bring yourself closer to each other. Naturally, arguments and fights put a dampener on any relationship, and you have to focus on strengthening it and if he feels that all you do is fight, is it a surprise that he won’t propose? 


It is heartbreaking to think that your man is not ready to propose, but hopefully, these reasons can make you see why.

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