Top 10 Fun Things you can do with Your Friends and Family at Home

For a long time now, many families have been stuck at home practicing social distancing. When you’re used to the same people and environment, stay-at-home fatigue can start to creep in. However, you don’t need to spend your time wishing things could be different or sitting in front of the television all day and night. The following are fun activities you can do at home with your friends and family to beat boredom.


Go picnicking

Picnics at the park were always a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Although you can still plan the same with adults, you need to observe safety measures like maintaining social distance. If you have kids, you may want to bring back this summer activity to your backyard. Kids are playful, and they will want to interact with other children they meet in the park. You can have a fun picnic at home by laying a blanket on the lawn, preparing delicious snacks, and enjoying the fresh air.


Play games

There are many game options to choose from; depending on your skill set and interest, play outdoor or indoor games. Some of the indoor games you can enjoy with family include board games, play station, pool, chess, puzzles, and hide and seek with the young ones.

You can also invite friends to play with you online to spice up the fun. If your outdoor space is large enough, you can play games such as lone tennis, basketball, soccer, and cricket. Set up your area using a portable backyard batting cage to prevent the balls from going over the fence or destroying property.


Go treasure hunting

Kids love a fun scavenger hunt. After watching movies and reading books that involve treasure hunting, planning one for them would spark a lot of excitement. Hide little jewels in the garden or backyard, and leave clues. Create an ancient-looking map by soaking it into coffee and fold it roughly. Make the treasure hunt more challenging and livelier by hiding the map and telling a story before you begin to give the kids an idea of what to do.


Plan video calls

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when it’s almost impossible to meet with friends and distant family members, video calls can do the trick. Schedule video calls on online platforms such as zoom that allow many individuals to connect. You can catch up with family members who are far away, workmates, and friends. Plan the same for your kids so they can interact with family and friends from school.


Plan meals and try new recipes

Planning meals is among the chores that most people find overwhelming in many households. When you’ve been stuck at home for long, planning new meals for the family can be challenging; it can make you order takeout often. However, cooking doesn’t have to be a dreadful task; you can make it fun.

Take advantage of the internet and download recipes or watch cook shows. Involve your family in deciding on the meals to prepare and engage them in the cooking process. To make it fun and lively, you can film your meal preparation and transform it into a cooking show.


Schedule themed movie nights

Movies have many sequels, and friends and family members enjoy different genres. Instead of having everyone cooked up in their rooms watching what each prefers on their devices, plan a movie night. Pick genres that all family members will enjoy, and allow everyone to have a say in deciding on the movie to watch. Create a movie setup that goes with the theme, prepare enough snacks, and get cozy to enjoy your evening.


Add some greenery

It’s rewarding to watch seedlings that you planted and cared for blossom into beautiful plants. You can plan a project or challenge with friends and family to plant seedlings and see who does the best job caring for them. Conduct such challenges online, where you showcase your progress through videos taken during the duration of growth. Planting seedlings is not only fun but also educational. Perform research with your family to determine the best seedlings to grow, when to plant them, and how to care for them.


Read books together

Reading books as a family is a fun way to reconnect with each other. You can take turns reading, listen to audiobooks, or swap books and discuss them. Choose books that are informative and interesting for everyone and take time to share your opinions. With friends, you can start a book club and pick books to discuss during your virtual meetings. Although it’s a fun activity, it also creates a reading culture, especially within kids, which is beneficial in the long haul.


Share stories and experiences

Everyone has different life experiences, even within the same family. Parents, especially and older relatives, have a lot to share with their younger family members, such as their family tree and how they came to meet each other. These stories and experiences also serve as learning moments that help the younger generation appreciate their heritage. You can also share stories and life experiences with friends during virtual meetings and meals with your family as a way to unwind and catch up.


Arrange a neighbourhood barbecue

Almost everyone loves a good barbecue, especially on a warm weekend or holiday. Pick a weather-friendly day and invite a few neighbours and friends over. Ensure you observe COVID-19 safety protocols such as maintaining social distance and safe food handling practices. Everyone can bring their dish, but ensure only a few people handle the serving to minimise contact. Allow the kids to enjoy the fun and come up with fun activities such as playing musical instruments and cracking jokes.


Bottom line

Home is more than the walls that make a house; it’s the people in your life who make life worthwhile. As you continue to keep your family, friends, and yourself safe by staying indoors, find ways to have fun together. Although the experience with friends may be more online-based, you can be creative about games and contests to keep you in touch. Share stories during meals with the family, plan movie nights, and although you may have missed attending live matches, you can still watch and play sports games from home.

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