4 Common Questions To Ask When Selling a Car For The First Time

Selling your car for the first time can be a unique experience for many. Some of you may have lingered around when family or friends were selling cars, so you might have a slight idea as to what goes on. Others will have no clue, not really knowing where to begin. So, here are some common questions to ask before you sell your first car:


What condition is your car in?

How badly damaged is your car, or has it seen years and years of use? Understanding the condition of your vehicle is crucial to selling it. You might discover that your car is in too bad of a shape to warrant selling it to another driver. In which case, a better option is to sell it to a scrapyard who’ll pay you and then turn your car into parts. Also, the condition of your car helps you set the price tag. 


Where should you sell your car?

Selling a car is a lot easier when done online. By all means, advertise it in person as well. Put a for sale sign in the windows so any passers-by will know your car is up for grabs. Still, the online world is worth venturing into as you can find so many more buyers. Use one of the various car selling websites to list your vehicle – or you could even sell it on Facebook!


Can you sell a car that’s under finance?

A lot of you may have bought your car under finance, and you’re still locked into the contract. For whatever reason, you want to sell your vehicle – or perhaps you need to. Now, selling a car under finance is possible, so that’s a relief. You will just have to contact the lender and inform them of what’s happening, and they can explain all the key details of what you need to do. Typically, you will have to pay them the rest of your loan, which will most likely come out of a percentage of the sale. 


What can I do to increase the value of my car?

When you sell anything, you want to get as much money as you can from it. Selling a car can be tricky as they tend to depreciate in value quite quickly. The chances of you making a profit on a car you’ve driven for years are very slim. Nevertheless, you can do little things that boost the car’s value as much as possible. Simple ideas like providing the full-service history, cleaning your car from inside to out, making minor repairs – they all add up to make your car more desirable, letting you list it and sell it for a better price. 


Ask yourself these four questions when selling a car for the first time. The good news is that selling a car is nowhere near as hard as selling a home! People are looking to buy cars all the time – sometimes for special events like a road trip, other times as a daily car to drive. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t have an issue offloading your motor.

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