Hobbies To Make You Happier This Year

It seems as we grow older and older, the idea of using our time for anything other than working and sleeping is a world away. The idea of enjoying a hobby might seem like a world away – but we all need to be able to enjoy our lives in any way we can. 

Today we want to talk about some of the great hobbies you can try to take up this year, and how they will make you feel happier and more fulfilled as a person. Hobbies can be exactly the medicine you need, and today we have some amazing ones for you to try. 



Now before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Fitness can be one of the most challenging things to get into, we know, but it can also be the most rewarding of all. Looking after your body with exercise and a diverse diet is exactly what you need to stay healthy and happy in life. It is so important for you to stay healthy throughout adulthood and finding a fitness routine that works for you can become a great hobby. Try kickboxing, swimming, hiking, or yoga – and find an exercise routine you love and can truly get behind. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring – as long as you are active you can have fun! 



The next fun hobby you can enjoy this year is cooking. Cooking should never feel like a chore – and today we want to talk about how you can make cooking feel fun. When you create a meal for your family, you can be as creative as you like and try out new or exciting flavours. Cooking can be incredibly fun, and once you learn different techniques and flavour pairings you can build all of the tools you need to create the best dishes. 


Pottery making 

If you fancy being creative as well as making yourself some homeware this year – one fun thing to try is pottery making. You can buy pot making kits that will allow you to make your own cups, plates, or plant pots in your own home. Enjoy making something unique and use paints and glazes to add your own personal touch. Pottery is an affordable hobby and can be a great one to get into. 



For those of you who spend plenty of time watching mesmerising videos on Facebook of artists creating pieces – now is the time for you to try it out yourself. With some paper and some simple watercolour paints, you can make some stunning pieces and play around with colour on the page. Use YouTube tutorials or try an online class and get creative this week. 



If you are a homeowner and you are a novice in the garden – summer is the ideal time to get outside and start learning about the plants that grow in your garden. Buy an RHS plant manual to help you identify different plant species in your garden, and start to learn how to prune, deadhead, and maintain plants correctly. Gardening can be a rewarding hobby as you will see the results plain and clear in your garden every time you look outside. This is also a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. 


Musical instruments 

If you have any musical instruments in the house, why not learn to play guitar or the piano this year? Learning to play a musical instrument can be a wonderful way to improve your cognitive function and it will allow you to create the most stunning melodies on your own at home. 



Writing can be a great way to escape the real world and enjoy some time to yourself this week. By creating stories of far off lands, you’ll be able to escape the stress of the world as well as enjoy creating a world with your own rules. Take some time out this week with a notebook or a laptop and start jotting down a story. It could be a short story or even a novel, but it will be a fun way to wile away a few hours. 


A new sport 

If you are a sporty person and are looking for a new hobby this year – why not try a sport you haven’t tried before? Enjoying sports can be a great way to spend some time and also burn calories, and you will also have the chance to meet new people and make some friends too! Whether you decide to join a judo class, a yoga class, or you join a local football team this can be a fun way to spend some time during the week and keep you fit at the same time. 



Exploring the world is one of the joys of being human. We have the ability to go almost anywhere we want and meet new people, as well as enjoy time in the midst of nature. Consider a hobby that involves exploring new nature and hiking trails around your country this year. It will take you to many hidden gems and can be a great form of cardio to keep you fit and healthy. 



Baking is not the same as cooking. Where cooking is very much creative and ‘go with the flow’, baking is a science. When creating stunning cakes and desserts you need to learn some special techniques and this can be fun once you get into it. Learning how to make fondant icing or marble cakes can feel like a great achievement and you’ll be able to wow your family and friends every time you make something new. 


Film making 

If you fancy a hobby that is visual as well as fun, why not try your hand at film making? You can make a film about anything. It could be clips of your cat playing in the house, it could be a documentary about a killer, or it could be vlogging your day to day life. Filming and making YouTube videos is a diverse option for you this week and it will be something you can really play around with to have some fun. Use different camera angles and editing techniques to make the best videos you can and enjoy the notoriety that comes along with it. 


Self care 

One important hobby you can try this year is self care. You might not think at first that self care is a hobby, but it can be if you spend time on it every week. This includes giving yourself facial treatments, looking after your hair, manicuring your nails, and more. All of these things will help you feel refreshed and clean but will also be fun for you to do. Try out a hair mask treatment to thicken your locks, make your own face mask to clear your pores, or try an at home teeth whitening kit for pearly whites. Taking care of your appearance is a great way to spend some time and it will improve your confidence too! 



If you fancy sprucing up the house this year and making it your own, why not take a shot at some DIY? There are so many jobs you can do around the house that can be great for you – and you’ll learn some helpful new skills along the way. Try repainting the house, hanging wallpaper, or filling in tiles with grout. Make your home look fresh and new and have fun while doing it. 


Try some of these fun hobbies this year to help you spend your time the best way. 

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