Stop Buying A New Outfit Every Time You Go Out!

You’re reading this because you’re guilty of something a lot of people do. Every time you’re preparing to go out, you buy yourself a new outfit. You can’t be seen wearing the same clothes more than once, so you have to buy something new to wear for the evening, only for it to be discarded into your wardrobe the next day. We’re all guilty of doing this from time to time, especially when going out for things like weddings, clubbing, parties, etc. 

Effectively, any time when you have to get dressed up, you buy something new. Yes, it can be a nice treat, but it’s also a waste of money. The next time you think about buying a new outfit, try these ideas instead:


Borrow from a friend/family member

Why buy something new when you can borrow an outfit from someone you’re close to. Surely some of your friends will have a spare outfit in your size for you to try? They may have worn it before, but you haven’t. Or, you can borrow items from different friends to put together a more unique piece. If you have siblings, life is even easier as you can so easily swap clothes with them as required. 


Get creative with your existing clothes

Why bother throwing away old clothes or outfits that you only wore once or twice before? It’s a complete waste of money, and you are better off using the clothes as many times as possible. You can do this without wearing the exact same outfit if you get a bit creative. Play around with how you wear certain things to make them look different. If you really want, you could even alter your clothing by cutting it or adding new things to it. The point is that you can get creative with your existing clothes to take old outfits and make them look brand new!


Hire an outfit for the event

You know that a lot of people will hire suits or dresses for weddings and big events. It makes sense, seeing as you will rarely wear these items and they cost a lot of money, so renting can be more cost-effective. The same can be done with other types of outfits as well. You can hire designer clothing to give yourself a stunning outfit for the evening, then send it back. It’s so much cheaper than buying expensive clothes, and you can wear things that you’d probably never wear if you didn’t hire them. This opens a door to new outfits every time you go out, but without the cost of buying brand new clothes – and without the clothing waste involved either. 


The more you think about it, the more you realise there is no need to keep buying new outfits just for one-off events. Whether it’s a wedding, party, night out with friends – you name it, you don’t have to buy new clothes every time. Instead, try the three ideas laid out above to save money and prevent waste.

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