Review: Wicked London theatre

Three words that can be used to describe the musical play ‘Wicked’ are: proficient, delightful and entertaining. Being the highest grossing show, it beats all house records at every place it plays. Each time it plays, the show just gets bigger; making it one of the most profitable theatres shows in the world.

The story runs along the lines of Gregory Maguire’s 1995 novel, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. It is also a parallel to the novel, The Wizard of Oz. the story is about two witches who share an unlikely friendship in the world of Oz. Glinda is the popular and beautiful one among the two, and Elphaba is the misunderstood green-skinned witch.

The story begins before Dorothy’s arrival and continues till the end. These two witches grow to become the Good Witch of the North and the Wicked Witch of the West. There is a struggle between the two right from their clashing viewpoints to their opposing personalities.

Wicked is a show that portrays the natures of good and evil and the power of lasting friendship. The element of wit is brilliantly incorporated in the show, brilliantly portraying the undercurrents of truth that run through the story. In a very happy manner, Wicked tells the world that everybody is capable of change. The show has quite a few thrilling moments that give the audience goosebumps.

The music in the play is such that one tries hard not to leave without buying numerous copies of the show from the theatre lobby. From the energy and enthusiasm to the production, this musical is something you will never forget. Wicked not only poses to be exciting but also humorous as the classic is re-imagined and the whole world of Oz is once again recreated.

It is quite evident that the show is put together by a bunch of talented people and the outcome is just plain brilliance.

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