Apple to Release New Operating System for Mac Computers

Apple is set to release its latest operating system for Mac computers. The operating system- Dubbed Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.8 costs $10 lesser than the previous one, at $19.99. Users who purchase the latest Mac computers are eligible to get the OS upgrade when it becomes available, for free.

The features of the Mountain Lion OS were already stated by Apple. However, the latest additions to the operating system minimize the differences between the phone software and the PC, resulting in the functioning of Mac, similar to iPhones. Apple mentioned that the latest OS is quite similar to Microsoft’s Windows 8. Users can soon access Windows Phone on their PC’s.


Primary features of Mountain Lion OS

The latest software will enable greater integration with Facebook and other social networks. The built in features will enable users to share information on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Instant updates of notifications will be available when you receive a message or if you are mentioned on a Twitter or Facebook post. Users need not sign in multiple times, making the Mountain Lion OS more convenient. Sharing is made possible from other apps that many popularly use.

The Mac will now download software updates, support files and retrieve emails instantly even when the computer is in ‘sleep’ mode. The OS will be featured on the top end MacBook Pre models and MacBook Air systems that boast the ‘Retina’ display.

The OS features a Messages app that is duplicated from the operating system of Apple mobiles. This feature will replace the iChat option, enabling users to send messages to other Apple mobile devices and Mac users. There will be an integration of iCloud, the storage service with Mountain Lion. The new software will also enable dictation, through which the Mac can type while you speak.

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