Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

The best Android handset in the market right now is the Samsung galaxy S3. It boasts of a brilliant display, a quad-core processor and the finest camera ever seen on any smartphone until now.

S3 sports one of the biggest screens ever seen on any Android phones; 1280×720 HD, 8inch with Super Amoled display. It is mostly made of polycarbonate and weighs only 133g.

The 1.4GHz powerful quad-core processor has a back up of 1GB RAM. In simple language this means the S3 is incredibly fast. Browsing the internet, multiple tab usage, video streaming and usage of the most demanding apps can be done with zero lag.

Android 4.0, the latest operating system version of Google, called the Ice Cream Sandwich, is what the Galaxy S3 runs. It also has its own user interface called TouchWiz and it’s nice to see that most of the unwanted widgets and graphics have been removed.

New notable features like face recognition, S Voice, Pop-up Play and S Beam have been introduced in the Galaxy S3. S Beam is quite impressive with the fast transfer of data across two phones but S Voice was a letdown as it was a Siri clone. Though it provides similar service to what Siri offers, it proves a difficult task to use it.

The face recognition option is quite remarkable and it keeps the screen active for as long as your face gets detected. Any video that you play can be turned into a mini version and played anywhere on the screen using the Pop-up Play feature.

The galaxy S3 also boasts of a 1.9MP front camera and an 8MP back camera. Irrespective of the light conditions, the camera takes crisp photographs which are quite impressive.

Though it offers such great features, the battery back-up isn’t all that great as it runs down when the brightness is increased or if Wi-Fi isn’t used. But even with this and all the hype, S3 has come quite close to being a flawless smartphone.

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