Tips to Find Perfect Shoes

Ah the shoe fetish! For women especially, shoes are no longer a fashion accessory but a fashion statement in itself. With the market offering so many designs, styles and colours, it is difficult to know which the latest shoes are. The important thing to remember about shoes, is that it should match your outfit and gel well with the rest of your clothing ensemble.

Shoes make a phenomenal difference to the way we look. It can jazz up your  appearance making you more stylish and stunning or it can really bring down your style statement. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but at the same time you don’t want to underplay it. So how do you know what shoes to buy?


Tips to select the right shoes:

What’s the occasion?

Before stepping in to a store to buy shoes, you have to consider what the occasion is. If you are invited to a formal tie event you need to wear formal shoes. Stay away from all types of rubber shoes for such events. You don’t want to look like a misplaced hippy! Stunning high heeled leather shoes are the way to go, to perfectly match your evening gown or formal dress. Men can choose to wear leather shoes that complete a formal look, with elegance and style.


Colour preference

Colour is an important factor to consider before buying shoes. Although it may seem that choosing a colour is easy, you should be careful enough not to over do it. If you are dressed in a red dress and are carrying a red handbag, you might want to stay clear of a complete red pair of heels. After all, you don’t want to look like a giant cherry explosion! Try to tone it down a bit, and choose shoes that have a touch of red in them with perhaps a body of gold or black.


What’s your style?

Style plays a key role in shoe selection. Style is extremely personal and needs to match the event you plan to attend. If you are heading out to a formal event, then peep toe shoes match your formal dress perfectly. If you are stepping out for brunch with the girls, then pairing flat shoes with your jeans compliments your style giving you that casual yet sexy look.

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