Hollywood Actresses Over 40 Rewrite Ageing

Many Hollywood actresses who are over 40 have redefined ageing. These actresses look stunning and can be mistaken to be in their 20’s. So how do these actresses manage to look fabulous even after 40?

Jennifer Lopez, who was given ‘Most Powerful Celebrity in the World’ title by Forbes, is at the peak of her career at the age of 42. She is believed to have renewed her contract for a whooping 54 million dollars with American Idol. She also has two movies in her pipeline. Jennifer says that this is the best phase of her career and feels that age should not matter as long as you are doing your best. She added that she feels great even at 40 and  has also quit smoking owing to her age.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston agrees that it is difficult for her to accept that she is 43. She said that she is more conscious of her age when she sees 20 year olds but feels like she looks just like them. Though she is 43, she still feels young at heart!

At 45, Halle Berry said that she feels very powerful and independent in the male dominated Hollywood. Growing old does not matter to Halle Berry. Instead she feels proud to be so busy at her age. Turning 45 has not affected her one bit; she still has roles in her pipeline.

Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, who is 47, proves to be the sexiest of all the actresses in Hollywood, having not less than five movies in her kitty! She even went on to play the role of a stripper in the movie ‘The Wrestler’, when she was 43 . She said that growing old should make you feel comfortable in your own skin and not care about what people say. Looks like these actresses have no fears about growing old!

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