Fashion trends 2013: What to wear this season

Whether we like to admit it or not, fashion plays a significant part in our daily lives. Not only am I talking about clothes, but trendy products too. The majority of the time it’s products we don’t even need yet we are somehow convinced we do. The process is very simple, a celebrity can be seen with a product or an outfit and BAM everyone suddenly needs it too. A clear example would be the Duchess of Cambridge, whatever she wears is instantly sold out within minutes. Kim Kardashian recently revealed her ‘beauty secret’ that she uses to prevent wrinkles or stretchmarks during her pregnancy, a product named Bio-Oil. Keen to take advantage of this endorsement, Boots appeared to have the product highlighted in its Bodycare category on their website for Kim lovers to purchase. Surely if Kim needs this product, you do too? The fashion world is insane and looking good is extremely important in today’s society. So, what’s hot this year?



That’s right, studs again. I began to see clothes with studs towards the end of  last year and at first, studs were only on the odd t-shirt in stores. However the popular trend appears to have taken over completely. You can find studs on heels, boots, sandals, blazers, dresses, accessories and so on. They do say that fashion often repeats itself and we should all just accept that studs won’t disappear in the near future.


Army print

Do you love feeling like you’re in charge, like a lieutenant soldier maybe? The good thing about army print is that you stand out from the crowd, or you can use it as camouflage depending on your preference. Blazers, leggings, boots, shirts, you name it! Army print is hot this season; one of the best colours to go with it is black. Admit it, who doesn’t look good in black? March on and purchase yourself a stand out print.


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