Destiny’s Child Disappoint at the Super Bowl

When it emerged Destiny’s Child were getting back together for another single/album I was relatively happy, relatively excited and relatively sceptical. Happy because I liked their old stuff, excited because I wanted to see Michelle Williams attempt to sing again and sceptical as the original members of the group, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett aren’t actually the ones getting back together.

Instead it’s Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the members that most of us are familiar with, even more so after Sunday nights Super Bowl that saw them re-unite. However, although Beyonce blew the audience away proving to her lip-syncing critics that she was a star for a reason, I was left wishing she had brought her husband, Jay Z, on stage rather than her former band mates.

Beyonce started by performing Love on Top followed by Crazy in Love, End of Time and Baby Boy. Then sadly it all went wrong.The minute I heard “Kelly can you handle this” I was sat on the end of my seat, the minute I heard Kelly sing however, I sat right back again. All she sang was “decided to dip, now you wanna trip, because another brother noticed me” and she still managed to mess that up. When I say mess it up I’m probably being a little harsh, in reality her voice just didn’t seem strong enough, but there’s always a silver lining and that silver lining came in the form of Michelle when she had her small part, “I’m up on him, he up on me, don’t pay him any attention”. It wasn’t just that Michelle’s voice wasn’t strong enough, it was that it wasn’t really in tune and she seemed too focused on showcasing her smile, rather than her voice.

I am not slating Destiny’s Child, just Kelly and Michelle. Just kidding, I’m not really slating them either, after all they’ve both had their singles which have been a success as well. Kelly’s had a few hits including Dilemma ft. Nelly and Michelle had the one hit, We Break The Dawn. So instead of slating them as musicians I’m just pointing out that despite Destiny’s Child having hit after hit including Survivor, Independent Woman and Say My Name it seemed the name “Beyonce and the Back-up Dancers” would have been a more suitable name than “Destiny’ Child”.

Although the Super Bowl reunion was a slight disappointment Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are still better than a lot of artists out there at moment, hopefully Beyonce will find a way to compliment their voice on their new single, rather than drowning them out.

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