Where has the sisterhood gone?

Last week Katie Price referred to Kelly Brook as a heffer in her column in The Sun after pictures of Brook were published in the papers. Apparently she’d put on a bit of weight, let’s face it whether she had or not she still looks amazing. Brook’s response was to refer to the comments as unladylike, a very dignified response from her, I’m sure most women’s response to those comments would not be in such a graceful manner.

My point from all of that though is where has the sisterhood gone? Years ago women would stick together, help each other out, fight for causes like equality and now we spend the majority of our time being nasty towards or about one another. When did this change occur and why exactly?

The invention of the internet hasn’t helped, people can now insult each other while sat behind a keyboard and being able to post things anonymously online adds to it. Some female journalists are also to blame, I’ve read so many columns especially in the Sunday papers and magazines where female journalists spend all their time insulting and/or ridiculing a particular celebrity or group of women. How is this even acceptable content for a print article?

I’m not saying I’m perfect, I throw a few horrible comments about people around at times and I know everyone does, women are notoriously bitchy but is there any need to make our feelings so public when they are quite hurtful. We see journalists, the media and celebrities all talking in this way so we think it is acceptable to talk about work colleagues, fellow university students and even the random woman who’s just passed you in the street this way.

It’s not acceptable, if there is one thing I’ve learnt from saying horrible things about people it’s that it doesn’t make you feel any better about yourself in the long run. We are hurting each other’s feelings, damaging each other’s confidence and we’re constantly suspicious of each other, what sort of world is that to live in?

So how about we take the advice of our grandparents or for a more modern cultural reference see The Maccabees ‘No Kind Words’; “If you’ve got no kind words to say, you should say nothing more at all.” I stand by that, I’ve had so many horrible things said to me in the past and being on the receiving end of nasty comments is horrible.

So let’s stick together, be friendly and if you don’t like someone that’s fine just keep your opinions of that person to yourself. Because at the end of the day all us girls know that we need the sisterhood and our girl friends and that is never going to happen if we carry on the way we are going.

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