Just the Ticket

Let’s have a round of applause for the train services. No, this is not sarcastic, I genuinely mean it.

I like to think that the train company read my last article, took note of all I said and changed the way they organise the trains. But alas, I know that this is unlikely. After my last article I felt it appropriate to write another following my journeys over the Easter holidays. This article should probably be called ‘Humble Pie’, but I am not going to go that far.

Snow. Now normally, I would not attempt train travel in these conditions, or any kind of travel really, but seeing as I already purchased my very expensive ticket (one of the reasons this article is not called ‘Humble Pie’) there was no option not to go. To my amazement when arriving at the station, all of the trains were running on time. So far, so good.

My first train being on time meant I arrived at Birmingham with plenty of time before the next train. To celebrate this rarity I treated myself with a visit to the toilet. Now, paying to use the toilet is a con in the first place, but why charge 30p. Why not 20p, or 50p. What is the likelihood that someone has exactly 30p in their purse?

Anyway, I digress; shockingly my second train was on time as well. I even managed to have two seats to myself all the way; I know I can’t believe it either. A rather cheery ticket man sang to us, and the train was lovely and warm. Despite the snow and wintery conditions this train arrived at Leeds on time, thus meaning I had time to check the departures board, find the next train going to Bradford and get on with no running involved at all.

This in itself was a brilliant journey. And much to my amazement was repeated on the way back. No delays, no hold ups and everything running on time.

So all in all, on this one occasion I take my hat off to the train service.

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