Peace ‘In Love’ music review

On the cover of their debut album, Birmingham’s Peace are tucked up in silky crimson sheets; presumably dreaming sweetly after ‘In Love’s’ eventual release at the end of last month.

Boasting ten tracks, the record is frantically upbeat in places and sounds like an Oasis album in others. ‘Sugarstone’ could have been nabbed off the Gallagher brothers themselves while ‘Lovesick’ is a classic slice of British indie. ‘Followbaby’ and ‘California Daze’ have clung on from EP Delicious; with the latter concluding their LP. ‘In Love’ is hazy around the edges; and the audio blends seamlessly from one song to another. Naturally, ‘Wraith’ stands out; if only for it’s booty-shaking, genre-busting music video.

Peace have the ability to produce nostalgic tracks that are catchy without being monotonous. As ‘In Love’ switches back and forth between music for peace-insignia-toting-nineteen-sixties-hippies and electro beats for the iPhone generation; one gets the sense that the band have subtly collated the best of music’s recent history.

Grungy nineties baselines, intricate guitars and a dash of ‘Foals’-esque choruses combine with the bands’ own frenetic energy and reckless lyrics. The result is a timeless soundtrack to our contemporary lives. While it may ‘lack depth’, the album’s broad range of influences enable the band to obliterate the notion of generic landfill indie. Encompassing youth, vivacity and a penchant for breaking into ice-rinks; ‘In Love’ may be ephemeral, but Peace are here to stay.

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