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Think back to your last holiday, no care in the world, enjoying the hot sand like silk in between your toes, the sun smacking you in the face, wearing practically nothing while walking to the shops. I bet you are all in your offices or behind the shop tills at work, looking outside to see the sunny weather wishing you could be out in it, either on the beach in places like Bournemouth or a plane journey away on a nice Greek/Spanish holiday lying around the pool side while the sun gleams through the water. I painted a precise picture for you there then, haven’t I? The reason is I have just come back from Corfu and all I crave for is to be back there right now.

The holiday was great and don’t judge me, I am glad I’m home again. The problem is while you are away, you seem to forget about all those worries: deadlines, meetings, scheduled routines. In another country, all of that skims straight over your head and I liked it like that.

Sometimes I wish there were no care in the world. Well, I bet all of us do in reality. I’m jealous of young version of me, in school and all I had to worry about was did that guy who sat beside me like me the same way I liked him? To extend that, holiday me was the same, where shall we have dinner tonight? There was no stress!

Now, being 21 years old, back in the job routine, parents still on my back, picking up on my bad habits from Uni life, never seeing my boyfriend or friends as they are in the busy lifestyle too, it can get very stressful very quickly. My goal for the next 6 weeks is to cleanse my body a bit, cut down on sugar, ride my bike to work, occasional gym sessions just to concentrate on something other than the time or moans and tuts behind my back. Being on holiday, I had a lot of time to think of other topics such as novel ideas or dreams I still remember from years ago. I miss these trails of thought. This is my new my attempt of relaxing, the gym will hopefully bring back the nice feelings I had a week ago.

My friends and family on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook are bragging about their upcoming holidays and to realise I’ve already had mine and have nothing to look forward to for another year is getting me down. I’m sure most of you have something planned with someone close to you from now until September. The people who, like me have already spoilt themselves to a nice getaway this year, I empathise with you, extremely. We can share our holiday blues together. Looking through our holiday snaps, the yummy foods we endured, the swim wear shots near the beach, the view from our balconies. Sigh. Doesn’t it make you sigh? While the weight starts to pile up on the shoulders again, day by day, I guess we will have to take it and hope for the best holiday next year but dread this feeling again.

But that’s life, I guess..

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