Importance of choosing the right car

Whether you are a young 18 year old just passed your test, or an experienced 35 year old with years under your belt of driving history, it is important that you always choose the right car for you.

Cars are expensive possessions; you can’t just go out and change as often as you want, normally, once you purchase a car you are stuck with your decision for many years to come.


Here is our guide to choosing the best car for you:



The obvious one, but always take a look at the price of the car before you proceed to buy, have a budget in mind, if you don’t want to go over a certain amount – then don’t. Stick to your budget and if need be, take your time – you want to find the right car worth years of use, don’t rush and find out 6 months down the line that you dislike your car and want to get a different one.


Small, Medium, or Large?

Now, depending on your age and personal circumstances, you might have to consider whether you want a small car, a medium car, or a large car. Take into account the future; will you be having kids in the next 5 years? Getting married? Everything that can impact the use of your car in future year’s needs to be taken into consideration, you don’t want to run into problems down the line because you chose a tiny 2 seat convertible and now find yourself with a wife and twins on the way.


Manual or Automatic?

We all know that automatic is easier to drive, and men, relax yourselves, no one is going to judge you if you drive an automatic – this is always a good thing to take into consideration before rubber-stamping your new car.


History of the car

Did you know that we have been driving cars for over 200 years now? That’s a long time. Over time, some manufacturers gather a better reputation than others, perhaps you could take a look into the history of car manufacturers with to see which one you like best – you might end up surprising yourself and choosing a totally different car to what you had in mind originally.


So this is our guide to choosing the best car for you, what do you think? Do you have any other tips you would give fellow drivers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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