Elle the Beauty Nerd: Revlon Nails.

Okay, so not only do I adore music and movies but nail polish and beauty are right up there on my list! This week, I decided to leap into the unknown and purchase two individual nail polishes from Revlon. I didn’t know much about them, but only that their advertisement was feature in the glossy fashion mag, Company Magazine. Oh, and they were scented -so I had to have them!

Here’s the deets:

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Thumbs up ALL THE WAY! They are incredibly unique compared to what is already featured in Revlon Nail Bar. I’m pretty sure that these babies will soon take off!

What colours are there? Well, my featured picture provides three colours, (left to right) ‘Wild Violets’, ‘Pink Pineapple’ and ‘China Flower’. Aren’t they beautiful? I decided to choose the most unique colours; I purposely chose colours that would appear more mild, accommodate with my work uniform and would not appear SHOCKING to the person idolising my finger nails. The colours I chose were ‘Winter Mint’ and ‘Fresh Linen’ – both beautiful!

Are they good quality? Absolutely! Personally, I do not believe Revlon to be a “cheap and nasty” brand but instead, very classy. With two coats of your polish, you’ll be surprised by how “acrylic looking” they are. Very shiny too!

What are the brushes like? Very good. They are a great size. My Mum and I always have trouble with the length of the actual brush; if they appear too small or thin we appear to end up with very streaky nails but this is not the case with Revlon. The rounded edge at the top does help you to latch on better and the brush itself is rather lengthy.

They smell… good? I know it’s incredibly weird to say that these polishes DO SMELL NICE. In fact so nice, that they actually smell like PERFUME. Just a warning, they only smell like perfume when they are DRY. NOT WET. I’m ashamed to admit, this one was actually learnt from experience!

Are they easily removable? I always struggle with removing glitter; it gets stuck all around my nail beds and I find it an incredible pain to simply GET OFF. However, these polishes glide off; they do not stain the nail and I’m pretty sure any nail remover will work. For myself, I tend to use ‘Leighton Denny’; I love his nail polish removers but they are incredibly strong in smell – ooof!

The design? What I love most about these polishes is that they actually look like baby perfume bottles. Very clever, Revlon!

Are they good for the opposite hand? I’m right handed; so usually when I paint my left hand it turns out to be atrocious! But these polishes make it slightly easier for the opposite hand; so much that I did not paint around my entire nail bed like usual – now that’s an improvement!

When did they arrive on the shelves? I’m certain that they have not been out for very long, so they are super new! I’m unsure if they feature in any international stores but they are most certainly in the UK – the main city stores.

Where can I get some? Your place to go is ‘Boots’. You can either visit their store or even their website.

Money, money, money? Smashing offer on at the moment, all because they are brand new. I purchased mine at around £4.49 each. Normally, they would be around £6.49; however if you miss the offer do not hesitate in purchasing them because they are worth the extra 2 squid!

Rating? The advertisement did these babies justice because I LOVE THEM. I’m seriously considering purchasing some more when payday arrives next week! And I’d advise you to do the same! 10/10!

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