7 Estimation procedure and questions to be asked during the process

Moving is a time consuming procedure and requires a lot of efforts to be invested. And choosing a moving company should not be taken lightly.


Moving scams

The internet is full of attractive offers made by moving companies that assure you of having best possible services for great prices. But at the end of a day all you get is only a headache, huge bill to pay and often a bunch of missed items. At the beginning of a deal you receive an estimation on certain, quite affordable, amount of money. Of course you sign a contract but when the truck with your belongings shows up weeks or months later moving company grants client with another bill that doubles the price from the first one. In most cases clients have no choice but to pay money as they risk losing all their belongings.

In order to avoid this misfortune address only reputable firms and spare no time to learning more about chosen company. Especially if you are moving not far – to neighbouring Orange County, and don’t have lots of stuff it is wiser to address oc movers and avoid big problems.


Estimation process

Services provided by a reliable company free us from all worries. After narrowing down your list with appropriate moving firms you are already able to make a conscious choice. When company’s representative is at your door – you are about to start conversation regarding your move’s final price. Estimation process is, probably, the hardest one as you must take care of all details, even slightest ones.

If you are addressing serious company don’t expect to get minimal moving service cost as here you are paying for safety of your belonging’s and own peace of mind. Here are main questions you have to ask during estimation procedure:

  • Extra services and additional charges. Here we are dealing with additional packing services provided and you have to choose whether order them or manage packing by yourself, – keep in mind that insurance doesn’t always cover items packed by clients. Among other services that may require additional payments are: parking, warehouse handling, shuttle and fuel charges, fees for furniture pieces’ disassembly, flight charges, etc.;
  • Ask about payment options and whether you have to make initial deposits. Keep in mind that moving company can’t request a deposit that exceeds 20% of your relocation total cost of;
  • Find out more regarding cancellation policy;
  • It is also useful to know about discounts and promotions available. There may be some during off-peak season or some student discounts.


Undoubtedly there are dozens of other vital questions to ask and while reviewing recommended ones you will come up with own additional ones.

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