My issues with UberFacts

Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff they come up with blows my mind, but the rest fills me with rage. My main question is how do they find out these things? Just because they’ve been Twitter verified doesn’t mean that it is all the truth and after all scientific theory is just a theory that has not been challenged with something adequate yet. I’ve selected a few utter gems and provided you with my thoughts on these ‘facts’.

“Porcupines float in water”
Do they float or simply just swim so they don’t drown?

In the original version of Sleeping Beauty, she was raped by the King and gave birth to 2 children… All before she woke up.”
A bit sinister for Disney I feel. I don’t really blame Walt for changing it, the part where the evil Queen turns into the Dragon is scary enough.

“It is illegal in Hawaii to insert pennies into other people’s ears.”
Why, just why would you insert pennies into peoples ears anyway? Why does that even need to be made a law? Were there too many people being mistaken for piggy banks in Hawaii? Someone please help me understand this? Too many unanswerable questions.

“Over 2,500 left-handed people are killed every year using products made for right-handed people”
I knew there was a reason we weren’t allowed to use the left hand scissors in primary school.

“An octopus’ testicles are located in his head.”
I don’t even need to write a comment. I will leave you to make your own jokes.

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